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Pedro Gatos Institute on Addiction, Health, and Social Theory

In Pursuit of Social Justice

Our Mission Statement

(is) Bringing Light into Darkness

Our mission is, in pursuit of social justice, to work towards seeking to understand and then changing the forces behind that portion of human and ecological misery that is human generated.

Our method is, through principled critical thinking and action, to identify and analyze the most powerful negative influences on our national and the global political-economic reality, their effects on world living conditions, on the way we think, on our social theory ideologies, health issues and chemical dependency rates, and change them.

We work to

  • First seek to Understand those forms of human misery and alienation that are caused by human behavior and are therefore correctable, in order to mitigate them.
  • Apply a critical eye to the information and information sources to which we are exposed.
  • Adhere to the journalistic values of accuracy and fairness in reporting
  • Identify and bring to light institutional methods and mind management techniques which confuse reality and/or deceptively influence the way we think.
  • Bring voice to the voiceless

"Ideas are more powerful than weapons"

About Us

Pedro Gatos

Pedro says: I was born in ATX. I won the Univ of Texas Home Run Derby in late 1970s. It has been my great privilege and honor to have been programmer at KOOP Radio since 2002.

I am passionate about the sanctity of life and the pursuit of social justice; morally outraged by the atrocities we enabled in Central America & the Caribbean during the 1950s through the 1990s that have triggered the immigration crises of today as well as my own interest in social theory.

Sadly I have been discovering through continuous constant study through today, they were not aberrations but policy the US public knows far too little about or else US taxpayers would not stand for it. We seek to follow the truth no matter where it leads us.

Evan Hearn

Evan says: I'm a native Texan living in Austin, nearing the end of a ten-year journey to get my Journalism degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

Along the way I left UT, lived for six years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, learned Spanish, worked as a teacher and community organizer, studied at the University of Buenos Aires, changed degrees four or five times, and vagabonded some.

I run the Pedro Gatos Institute's website and produce Fronteriza on KOOP 91.7FM.